Wennig Designs

Wennig Designs

(WENNIG  = Wendy + Nigel).  design and package kits for electronic assemblies suited to electronics education.

Some of the Wennig Designs kits stand alone (Soldering Projects Boards,Tilt-Torch, …) while others require supporting hardware (LED Sled requires a model vehicle, Mini Pump Controller requires a small pump and pumping station, …). Wennig Designs provide construction details for such supporting hardware to get you started.

Wennig Designs have also delivered many Professional Development sessions for teachers in collaboration with Aztronics

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Marine Torch Kit PCB Only..
Ex GST: $2.73
The assembled MPC-2 (Mini Pump Controller #2) controls a pump to automatically refill a sm..
Ex GST: $13.64
PUMP-3 is very easy to assemble. It uses an electrical T-piece to support the motor and the conduit ..
Ex GST: $18.18
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