Privacy Policy

Aztronics 170 Sturt Street Adelaide South Australia 5000, phone) 08 8212 6212   fax) 08 8212 4212


Aztronics keeps customer names and addresses and previous buying history, we use this information for supply of goods and nothing else, this information if not sold or disclosed to any other organisations or individuals

we will only give out information 

  • If requested by customer
  • The law requires us to do so
  • For the requirements of processing customer order

If you, as the client, wish to complain about an alleged breach of privacy by Aztronics you can do so in writing (that is by mail, fax or email or by delivery in person) to the address listed at the top of this document.

Aztronics will respond to such a complaint as soon as is reasonably possible and will ensure that such a complaint is acknowledged within fourteen (14) days of its receipt.

Aztronics, in keeping with the principles of privacy, may ask questions of any person seeking to access personal information. If such questions are answered unsatisfactorily then the requested information shall not be provided. This is to further guarantee the privacy of client personal details.

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